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Day 3: One 'teeny tiny' Step for You, One Giant Leap for Creativity

Glad to have you back. For a little recap, this is what we did this week:

Day 1: We set Creative Guidelines

Day 2: We spent 10 minutes doing an idea dump

For today, we’re all about action! So get ready, because today we are going to WORK!

Most people wait for the perfect moment to create.

When you put off making things until a good “creative” idea comes to you, you are essentially just sitting around. Truth be told, Eureka moments don’t just happen. In my experience, it’s the act of making things that spark new ideas.

One of the biggest pitfalls I see others make (I’m included in this) is watching people wait for a big block of time to open up, or good conditions before they start creating.

Newsflash: that moment might not come.


That ‘good moment to create’ is so rare, that you don’t want to bet your dreams on them.

As artist Austin Kleon says:
You’re Ready. Start Making Stuff.

There are so many things you can already do, now, today, to move your dreams forward. You can gather supplies, make a phone call, research a technique on Pinterest, and so much more!

Use tiny, minuscule daily moments to take tiny, minuscule steps.

When I was first starting out as a young creative, the best advice I ever heard was that the Making process is cylindrical and not cyclical, meaning that, when you are in the thick of it it feels like you are going in circles but when you take a step back to assess your process you can see just how much you’ve grown.

And that takes us to today’s creative challenge:


  1. Pick one project or idea from the list you created on day 2 to focus on. Alternatively, pick whatever creative goal comes to mind that you would like to get started on.

  2. Map out 5 small actions you could take to move a step closer to that goal.

  3. The most important step: Do one tiny task today. Anything that moves your project forward, even in the most minuscule way. The task doesn’t have to take more than 5 minutes. If the steps that you brainstormed in step 2 take more than 5 minutes, come up with a step that takes even less time. You could Google or text a friend for missing information you need. Get your paint supplies out of your closet. Pin an image that symbolizes your project on the wall so it’s a constant inspirational reminder. Take a moment to brainstorm what the smallest, easiest task you can think of is that you can do right now. Then do that.

  4. Bonus: Celebrate your first tiny success and hit reply to let me know what your goal is! I’m always curious to hear about the creative dreams of others!

Then perhaps, tomorrow you can take another tiny step (and the next day, and the next).

If you made it this far, you'll be excited to learn that if you participate in all 4 days this week and fill out this daily google form you will be entered into a raffle to win some sweet prizes!

See you tomorrow to finish up week 1!

Bre & Ariel.

P.S. If you’ve enjoyed this first ‘challenge’, it would make us so super duper happy if you shared it with your friends. P.S.S. Use the hashtag #cocollabcreativechallenge if you post your work so we can find you!

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