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Welcome to Week 1 of co-collab's Creative Challenges!

The story behind why we at co-collab - a two-person team of students - are providing these workshops is pretty fun. What originally started as a one-off project for sophomore review, turned into a grant-funded team bringing the community more unique and fun ways to stay connected in a time when social interactions become weary and monotonous with Zoom fatigue.

Our mission is to help you, and other members of the UofM undergrad community, become empowered creatives and develop a series of shared experiences to foster community, whether in person or remote.

This year has been challenging, with everything becoming remote it can be hard to feel a part of the larger community. By participating in these challenges, we hope to expose you to new ways of thinking and to new people.

The next few months will be a series of activities, virtual workshops, random in-person pop-up museums, and more!

So being creative. Anyone and everyone can be creative. But the main reason why most people don’t pursue creative activities is mostly because of guilt.

In a world where we often optimize our time, its easy to feel guilty “wasting time” on things that seemingly don’t have a purpose. In the chaos of life, it may not seem urgent or wise to spend time on activities that don’t have clear goals.

For the first day, we invite you to take part in a simple task. Set a creative guideline for yourself.

Now, this may seem like a strange task but let us explain. We have guidelines we follow each day that we’ve set a long time ago. Some examples are:

  • Look both ways before crossing the street.

  • Don’t get your hopes up.

  • Take a little now, you can always go back for seconds.

  • Check your mirrors when you drive.

These are examples of behavioral guidelines and they hang out in the back of our head. These guidelines are great because they are (or can become) ~automatic~. And when it comes to being creative it’s nice to have a little structure.

By creating these ‘Creative Guidelines” you are describing short instructions on how to think and behave in certain situations. It becomes a behavioral indicator. The beauty of dedicating time towards developing this type of behavioral indicator is that its a guide to help you achieve your goals, and not a goal itself (which means no hard deadlines YAY!!!). Your creative guidelines are values, norms, convictions, and rules that define your behavior. When you follow your guidelines, you have more energy. You can apply them to many aspects of your life, but here we’ll focus on ‘doing more of what you love’ only ;)

For today, we want you to pick one creative guideline to live by.

  1. Brainstorm, research, steal, a creative guideline you want to implement into your life.

  2. Place the creative guideline on a spot where you see it every day as a reminder. It’s important to put it somewhere where you’ll see it. It can be a bathroom mirror, right beside a door that you constantly leave, and enter from, a post-it note on your computer. Anywhere, just make it visible.

  3. Don’t wait to make a creative guideline, do it today. It doesn’t have to be perfect, eloquent, or the best, it just has to exist. Just like someone learning a new language, put it on stic

ky notes and place them everywhere! If you have the intention to make it big and beautiful, wait. Make something sloppy and handwritten first and put it somewhere and then go back and replace it with a newer version. The beauty of it, is that it can always be improved.

  1. BONUS: reply to this email or dm us on IG or Facebook with your creative goal. We’d love to hear what you come up with and potentially share it with others! How cool would it be to read everyone’s new creative guideline (think of all the good ideas you could “borrow”) Also, use the hashtag #cocollabcreativechallenge if you post anything you make during the challenge so we can find you! :)

When you make any change, it helps if your actions are rooted in your values and beliefs. Beliefs don’t change overnight. But hopefully, the reminder you created will start to enforce your belief at the very least. Your creative guideline will remind you on a daily basis to invest in your creativity and to do things you enjoy. Even if it doesn’t result in concrete actions every single day, it will start to make a subtle difference in the small things over time.

Join us on Zoom on Sep 8, 2020 05:00 PM to Meet the co-collab community!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 749 4363 9

Can’t wait to hear what you’ve come up with.

See you tomorrow,

Bre & Ariel.

P.S If you made it this far, you'll be excited to learn that if you participate in all 4 days this week and fill out this daily google form ( you will be entered into a raffle to win some sweet prizes!

P.S.S If you’ve enjoyed this first ‘challenge’, it would make us so super duper happy if you shared us with your friends!

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